AKORD Funky Fun Colorful Numbers Wooden Fridge Magnets, Wood, Multi-Colour, 6 x 4 x 0.5 cm HO-49

AKORD Funky Fun Colorful Numbers Wooden Fridge Magnets, Wood, Multi-Colour, 6 x 4 x 0.5 cm HO-49

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  • 100% Brand new and high quality and Colourful shapes decorate your home better and popular
  • Cute lovely design for arousing your kids' study interest and showing your friends where you have been
  • Combine travel and calendar's fridge magnets can also work as your travel goal
  • Ideal for Fridges in home,perfct for Whiteboards and Notice Boards and plan in company.
  • Package Included:10

Product Description

Funky fun colourful wooden magnetic alphabet letters fridge magnet toy. Ideal for teaching early spelling and showing where you have been. Great for hanging notes on the fridge and any magnetic surface.

Box Contains

10 x Colorful Wooden Magnetic Numbers

These are exactly what I ordered and expected. I am thrilled with them. They have a small magnet at the back where you can add them to the front of your fridge or you can carefully remove the magnet and glue them to an art project. I am making a sign for outside with our house number and attaching the numbers to a wooden plaque. They are bright and colourful and neatly painted.
By niki 19 July 2016
The wood is very thin and I thought my 2 year old daughter would have broken them by now but they are more solid than expected. My daughter threw them on the floor quite a few times and the magnets are still there. Better than expected for what I paid and the numbers look fun. It took a long time to arrive but this was advised.
By AA 12 March 2017
Not really sure what the negative comments are about, these are very cheap and in my opinion great. Far better than I was expecting for less than a £1. My daughter loves them in her learning to count.

Made from lightweight wood so when she knocks them off the fridge they’re absolutely fine.

I personally feel they’re a little too big to be considered a choking hazard for a young child but I suppose if a concern just put them higher up. I’ve suggested my husband doesn’t try to eat them as it may be a choking hazard in his case.

I’ll definitely order more.

By MrsJenifleur 9 July 2018
My daughter loved these. I bought them as a stocking filler. we stuck them on our fridge freezer and our daughter also managed to find out that they stuck to the radiator. Hours of play and they have been educational. They are a lot bigger than I expected them to be. The quality and price are an absolute Bargain especially as the price for wooden toys are normally really expensive. I also bought the letters and they are just as FAB!
Thank you very much.

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By Rebecca Rees 27 January 2016
perfect, two year old who planys with these on the fridge when im cooking, not ideal if not watching though as magnets on back bit small, and could be bitten off and swallowed. .

UPDATE: ive had to put these in the bin, the magnets come off and are small enough for a toddler to swallow. When one vanished we nearly had to rush our toddler to A and E but thankfuly it had been kicked under the fridge. All though these are okay for older kids, DO NOT BUY THESE FOR VERY YOUNG CHILDREN. my toddler is 2 and a half now and still couldn't resist chewing on them.
By honeybee 9 January 2016
Ordered through . Having read the previous reviews I wasn't expecting these to be that good but Inthink they must have improved the as they were painted beautifully, the wood was smooth and yes maybe the magnets don't grab the fridge door like some but I left on my door for a long time and they stayed upright. Usually reviews are correct at the time and for this reason I Think improvements have been made. 100 per cent happy and the price amazing.
By Kaz 24 May 2016
Purchased these to display my baby's certificates and 'art work'. Despite being small magnets they hold a card A5 certificate when four are placed in each corner.

The painted faces are a little faint but overall the colours are bold and fun. The price is absolutely brilliant!! Although not advertised, five number operations (equals, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) were also included.

Bear in mind, the product's coming from China so it does take a little while, but again at this price no grumbles.
By Kingston's Star 21 May 2015
I ordered these a 6 weeks ago - so where are they seller? I know they're shipped from Hong Kong but still they should not take this long. We order blueprint car engine parts direct from Hong Kong and they arrive after 3 days of ordering, so this is just ridiculous. And they've taken my money from my account. I have unluckily ordered these twice - the day after ordering my first lot, a relative wanted me to order some for her. I know they're not expensive but in principle, I am really annoyed. I will inform and lodge a complaint.
By Lizzy 25 July 2013