Adiantum var. 'Fragrans' fern house plant in a 12cm pot. Maidenhair fern Perfect Plants

Adiantum var. 'Fragrans' fern house plant in a 12cm pot. Maidenhair fern Perfect Plants

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Adiantum raddianum 'Fragrans' is an attractive maidenhair fern which is evergreen in the UK if grown as a house plant. Best kept out of draughts and it likes temperatures of around 20 degrees C. This fern hails from Australia and is not hardy in the UK unless in a very sheltered site.

• Height: to 35cm

• Keep moist and give it occasional misting.

• Place in position with medium light. Not in direct sunlight.

• Finely divided foliage, looks very graceful.

• Looks good in a hanging pot or free-standing.

• A good indoor plant for filtering the air and absorbing impurities and gases.

Sold in a 11/12cm pot

Delighted with the fern. Ok, it was an expensive way of doing it but the fern arrived quickly, well packed and really healthy. I could have waited for one to appear in a supermarket but they don't tend to stock them and supermarket plants look really unhappy. This is a great little fern. Thanks.
About a month later, I have included a photo as it seems to be doing ok still!
By Mrs Fussy 6 July 2018
Plants arrived earlier than on the order, in fact the next day. Fresh, green and very healthy, not a single leaf damaged (really). In better condition than from a garden centre, I'd say. Put out strong new growth within 48 hours. What more could you ask? Very impressed.
By Amazon Customer 20 August 2018
pretty plant, as expected. with shipping to London it cost me £12.94 so wasn't as cheap as I initially thought.
By Carole 29 July 2018
This is exactly what I wanted; a maidenhair fern. It arrived well packaged, well hydrated and in excellent condition. It is beautiful. A really good quality plant, which is thriving nicely.
By Anne Marie 11 September 2018
Perfect packaging & a very pretty plant.
By The Word Bird 7 May 2018
Love these plants
By Jeanne A 8 September 2018
Very temperamental! It is now deceased. But it was beautiful when it arrived.
By Mrs D F Huxtable 1 August 2018