JIMIRE HELLO BEAUTY Multipack Demi Wispies False Eyelashes

JIMIRE HELLO BEAUTY Multipack Demi Wispies False Eyelashes

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  • Super nude makeup
  • Soft and natura
  • Create a beautiful, glamorous look
  • Comfortable to wear and re-usable
  • Be fashion be you


Everyone should know how to be beautiful!!!
HELLO BEAUTY will help you more easy to achieve your mind!!!
HELLO BEAUTY False Eyelashes Made from high-quality synthetic fibers, natural look and feel, false eyelashes soft, supple and lightweight. When you wear dark eye shadow or smoky makeup, add a charming color to your face.

How to Apply Lashes Strips:
Step 1: Size the Fake Eyelashes, Before Gluing the Lashes on, You will Need to Make Sure They are Not Too Wide for Your Eye. Hold the Lash Strips Up Against Your Eyelid, and Trim Them Down on the Sides If Necessary.
Step 2: Squeeze a Thin Line of Eyelash Glue Onto the Back of Your Non-Dominant Hand. Now, Gently Run the Outer Seam of the Eyelash Strip Along It. Allow the Glue to Dry for a Moment Before Applying It to Your Lashes.
Step 3: Place the Strip on Your Eyelid, Positioning It as Close as Possible to Your Natural Lashes. Bring the Strip Down From Above, Not From the Front. This is to Ensure that You Get as Close as Possible to Your Lashline.
Step 4: Allow the Glue to Dry Naturally. Once the Strip is in Place, You Do not Need to Press or Hold it.
Step 5: Apply Mascara to Your Lashes, This will Help Blend Your Natural Lashes with the False Ones, Achieving a More Natural Look. You Can Use Black, Brown, or Dark Gray Mascara.


I Love The lashes as they have transparent strip , so that look more natural. Be back for sure. The lashes are very soft and nice almost as minky ones.
By Paula 17 June 2018
I wear strip lashes every single day. These lashes are perfect for day to day wear. They look so fluffy and natural. And you can add mascara onto them to thicken them up if you like. They’ve lasted me ages, I’m just about to order another packet. Definitely great lashes for day to day and evening look too.
By kirsty mcpake 24 July 2018
I have just repurchased these lashes for the second time.
I brought these on a whim, not really knowing or trusting buying lashes online. But I was dressing up for a party and my character needed a lot of lashes, so I decided to buy them here would be cheaper. I have never been complimented more on a pair of lashes than these! They are the best lashes I have ever brought and I have even started wearing them day-to-day. They are subtle enough to wear "casually" and dramatic enough for a night out.
By Millie Chance 14 August 2018
Beautiful lashes, very fluttery. Easy to use and apply. Comes in lovely packaging too. Defnitely recommend
By AMOUR 11 April 2018
They do look lovely. They stuck well. I haven't bought more as i like the wispy look. My daughter wore them though.
By fluffy 7 August 2018
Very good quality for the price, lovely and soft and very natural. My only critism is that they are a bit flimsy, I was only able to use each set once as they came apart when taking them off.
By Danielle Paterson 2 June 2018
Good eyelashes, just what I needed for my holiday. Happy.
By Cat 9 August 2018
I love these lashes! I'm not the best a5 application as these are my first ever strip lashes but I think I did okay. Also I found the lashes can be reused if you clean them properly. Quite long but very fanned out and beautiful. Will be buying again!
By Sapphire-Ray Wood 26 July 2018