Goldbug Mummy Clip - Single Black Single

Goldbug Mummy Clip - Single Black Single

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  • The Mummy Clip by Goldbug is made of durable, heavy-duty aluminum
  • The Mummy Clip fits a variety of stroller handles, and is perfect also for shopping carts, or just as a hand-held clutch to collect all your parcels on one clip
  • Just snap it on and you're set to go!
  • Light & Supportive, Strong Aluminium Design
  • Multi Functional with Soft Foam Grip, Spring Loaded Closure

Size Name:Single Clip

The Goldbug Mummy Clip is the ULTIMATE accessories for Mums & Dads when OUT AND ABOUT with Kids. Just clip over your Pram or Shopping trolley handle. Then add on your handbag, nappy-bag shopping or grocery bags or anything else you would usually carry. Now your hands are completely free! The Mummy Clip can also be used as a carrier for general parcels or shopping bags. The foam grip is comfortable to hold and avoids straining your hands.

These are very helpful and fit onto my silver cross surf perfect, they will hold as much as you want to put on them i've also hung the shopping basket on them when walking around the store.
My only problem with them is that they are quite annoying and do slip also if the nappy bag is attachted onto the pram its very overloaded and when using the buggy board all the bags are in my toddlers way, I've tried putting them more to the side but they are so big the bags touch my wheels. overall a good buy when your stuck but from a personal point of view nothing is going to be perfect with a pram with no handles to help with those extra bags.
By Emma P 6 August 2015
Love this! I use it for my dog when we are out and about and I need my hands free to eat etc. I used it while camping too. It is so versatile and tools onto most things. It's quite big so the photo doesn't do it justice.
By Quiet Storm 29 June 2017
I have this attached to the pram at all times, great for the baby bag and the shopping, saves me putting the shopping on my Childs face and suffocating them, buy one of these don't risk a I did 5 times.
By Anthony Young 23 August 2016
Purchased this as a gift for baby shower. It seems excellent quality and the mummy-to-be was delighted with it!
By Laura Alice 13 July 2017
Very strong clip that fits over buggy handle and I have no worries about it breaking. It is also very large and can hold as much as I want it to.
Good value with the twin pack.
By Emmy 9 November 2016
Erm HOOOOW have I gone almost 2 years without these life changing devices? Best baby purchase I've made in ages and wish I'd had them from the start!
By MumOfOne 13 April 2016
Good price and fast delivery.
By J Miller 21 July 2016
Really happy with this clip. It's really big and sturdy and fits easy on the pram and smart trike. I use it to keep my handbag attached to the handles. Couldn't live without one now, a must for every parent.
By ArtyMom 9 August 2014