TV and Furniture Anchors for Baby Proofing: Anti Tip Wall Safety Straps - White Bébé Earth

TV and Furniture Anchors for Baby Proofing: Anti Tip Wall Safety Straps - White Bébé Earth

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  • PROTECT YOUR CHILD: Babyproof your home by anchoring furniture to prevent tipping if curious children begin to climb; straps will anchor a dresser, cabinet, bookshelf, tv and other large furniture
  • ADJUSTABLE: Each secure strap can be adjusted up to 21 inches long to hold bookcases, dressers and more upright; always use two straps to secure items and use three on tall or heavy furniture pieces
  • HARDWARE INCLUDED: Our baby proof kit includes 8 straps and all necessary hardware and installation instructions; a door stopper guard is also included to help prevent slammed fingers in doorways
  • EARTHQUAKE READY: Tethers can secure your flat screen television, cabinets, or shelves in the event of an earthquake; each restraint is made from ABS material for added security and fall protection
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Bébé Earth is focused on making great products that last; our straps are backed by a lifetime guarantee, so if you are not satisfied please return your childproofing kit to us

I'm currently baby-proofing our house and found these very affordable furniture straps. They arrived promptly and were well packaged with clear instructions. They came with a free door slam-stopper (finger protector) which was a much appreciated gift.

The straps themselves feel very solid. The plastics are tough and feel sturdy. The webbing of the straps is nice and solid. I am sure I could put all my weight on one and it wouldn't budge. The straps can be detached at one end but they clip together solidly enough that I have no worries it would come undone by accident. The kit also includes some sturdy screws but I have used plasterboard bolts due to our wall construction.

I'm very happy with this purchase and feel that our baby is a little more protected. I hope these straps never have to be tested, but am confident that should they ever be needed they will perform.
By Richard 23 January 2017
Good product, well documented. Especially like the large screw hole for wall mounting as it means I can use 1 large screw instead of 2 or 3 screws close together which would just result in one big hole in my walls.

Would be good to have some more detailed recommendations on how to deal with cheap chip board based book cases that have very flimsy backs. I went for the option of using slightly shorter screws and screwing direct into the top of the book case which is only 16 mm thick but I think will be strong enough.
By Alan Beard 22 December 2016
These work well, seem very strong and will do the job well (hopefully). I hope we never need to know if they work when they are needed to, but I gave them a good testing out and worked very well. They were easy to setup on the wall and furniture, instructions were clear.
By Mr. M. Ward 11 December 2017
Good product and do what's on the tin. I was just hoping it would come with a sort of U shaped finish where you could just fix to the Tv rack instead of having to drill a bolt into it. I have a white gloss finish rack and reluctant to drill on it. I have done so for another Tv and drilled into a chest of drawers and it worked fine. Product tested and well with it having two little monsters around
By marcelo 2 May 2017
I was dubious about the strength of the plastic brackets, but after feeling them and fitting them tonight, and giving a good yank to test, I can confirm these are tough. Very pleased.
By Simon 23 March 2017
Arrived quickly, good quality, stong materials and easy to install. My review would have been 5 Stars but for the price, (£18.00 is a little expensive) although you can't put a price on your child's safety!
By Scott 1 May 2018
Product arrived quickly and securely.

The straps are easily to attach to the walls/furniture whilst proving to be very strong and robust. We used the straps on furniture in our 2 year olds bedroom attaching a wardrobe, unit, bookcase and play kitchen to the wall.

The items now have barely any movement (if any at all) even if I try to shake them myself. They've definitely given us some peace of mind and I'd happily get them again.
By Martyn 22 September 2017
Used these to secure the tv and the chest of drawers in my little boys room as he likes to climb everything!
They were delivered quickly and I was also sent an email from the company to see if I'd received them and it included another set of instructions for how to use the product. Would recommend and use again.
By Mrs Cassia Notley 21 August 2017