OPI Top Coat, 15 ml Coty NTT30

OPI Top Coat, 15 ml Coty NTT30

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Product Description

Have beautiful nails at your fingertips with OPI's award winning range of nail treatments - products that are renowned for results, time after time. OPI Top Coat offers quick drying protection for your nails. Perfect for use over coloured nail polishes or as a clear coat over natural nails. Apply at the end of your manicure for the perfect finish or even on it's own for super shiny nails. Apply one coat after colour for nails that dry in seconds, the top coat dries nail lacquer quickly and shortens frustrating dry time. Strong, beautiful, nails are everyone’s dream - a dream that can become reality with the complete range of OPI Nail Treatments, endorsed by salons worldwide every day.

When I first used this polish, it seemed to never dry. I kept using it however and now it dries quite well. I didn't know if it's to do with poorly mixed chemicals or something. (I mixed it plenty enough before using it).

It dries. Turns quite gel like, although not. It doesn't last too long (couple of days) and it stays better on painted nails, particularly toe nails. (My toe nails have remained beautiful shiny red for more then a couple of weeks now)

It's pretty good? Opi varnish always feel impressive, so yeah...

Buy if you wanna try, but I think I would be far from the best top coat (FYI, this is only top coat I've ever bought, so can't really compare!)

So yeah...
By NathanX 11 February 2018
Always used OPI nail colours for 20 years Weather I’m a salon or at home. Very disappointed with this. I really don’t like giving negative reviews. PERHAPS NOT THE SELLERS FAULT. This was so thick glue like. Waited an hour still smudged my nails not happy at tall especially for the price. Perhaps I received an out of date one. 😳. Ps the shone is from my light x
By Amanda Davies Johnson 21 February 2018
l have quite deep ridges on my nails and nail varnish always made them more obvious. l was a bit dubious when l ordered this as l thought surely it would just do the same as nail varnish does. Well l was wrong , applying this first made a world of a difference in how my varnished nails look and now l use it every time. Well worth the money.
By spikeripley 29 November 2013
I decided to buy this product because I thought the white filler would be a good base for light coloured polishes, and because I have a lot of OPI polishes and find them good quality. However, one coat of this ridge filler is not enough to disguise my ridges, whereas I find the 'Jessica' ridge filler disguises them with only one coat. I will use this product ( two coats) until it is gone because its so expensive, but shall try another make eg Seche Vite. Disappointied.
By Mrs C A Rogerson 24 August 2013
Best top coat there is as far as I am concerned.
By Smooth and Shiny 23 June 2018
like it a lot Good
By william henry guy morgan 13 January 2018
Really good quality product, stays on for ages. Worth every penny.
By Ferda 8 February 2017
Great top coat
By Holly Lockyer 11 August 2017