Bluesky A39 Ox Blood Red Burgundy Maroon Nail Gel Polish UV LED Soak Off 10ml PLUS 2 Luvlinail Shine Wipes LTD

Bluesky A39 Ox Blood Red Burgundy Maroon Nail Gel Polish UV LED Soak Off 10ml PLUS 2 Luvlinail Shine Wipes LTD

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  • Chip free, stunning nails for two to three weeks after application
  • Use with Bluesky top and base coat (sold separately)
  • Salon quality nails at home without the hefty price tag
  • Includes 2 LuvliNail shine wipes to give beautiful finish

Application You will need: Shine Wipes, (2 Free ones included) Base Coat, Colour Coat, Top Coat Prep: Remove cuticle and file nails. Clean: Cleanse nails with a FREE Shine Wipe. Base: Apply Bluesky Base Coat and cure. Colour: Apply your chosen Bluesky Colour and cure. Apply two coats for extra depth. Top: Apply Bluesky Top Coat and cure. Shine: Remove sticky residue with a FREE Shine Wipe. Enjoy: Enjoy your 14 day, salon shiny manicure! Notes: Always apply very fine coats. Bluesky Gel can be cured under UV or LED light. Removal You will need: Foil Remover Wraps (sold separately), Acetone Prep: Soak cotton part of Foil Remover Wraps with Acetone. Cover: Place pad on top of nail covering whole nail surface. Secure: Wrap foil tightly around finger or toe. Squeeze. Soak: Leave to soak for 10 minutes. Remove: Remove foil wraps and gently scratch off any remaining gel. Notes: If there is any remaining stubborn gel, simply leave to soak for a little longer.

Can't comment on wear yet but the colour is lovely and went on well. I always apply 3 coats to get maximum coverage and this colour needed the 3. The shine is really good and the shade is perfect for this time of year
By Clare W. 24 October 2017
Iv bought plenty of bluesky gel polish but this one just wrinkles every single time! I layer it very thinly, curing in between and yet it still does it! Iv tried everything but it's just useless, in the bin it goes.
By T.H 29 August 2017
I’ve used blue sky products for years and always impressed but this one chipped in 2 days. I did the chipped fingers again and once again it chipped really quickly. Doesn’t go on smoothly either. If this was a more expensive brand I would say it was fake lol.
By bookworm77 27 September 2017
Gorgeous colour however puckers and creases when curing then just peeled this was applied to properly prepped acrylics. poor quality product.
By Es_17 20 September 2018
Love this polish. Lovely and thick 3 coats and fantastic coverage. Lasts just over a week as with all blue sky polishes easy to remove when soaking with the correct remover.
By Amazon Customer 26 November 2017
This colour is absolutely beautiful! Works very well. Would recommend two coats of the paint for an even colouring. Lasted about 2 weeks before I had to take it off due to nail growth, but would definitely last longer. Pairs really well with the Bluesky polish in Luxary Hold!
By Mariah 26 March 2018
Great value for money great colour true ti picture. Long lasting
By Sarah 15 September 2018
Good colour, nice and deep burgundy red, similar to Chanel's rouge noir
By Elle 22 February 2018