Skip Hop Zoo Straw Bottle Dino 252314-CNSZP

Skip Hop Zoo Straw Bottle Dino 252314-CNSZP

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  • The Skip Hop zoo straw bottle helps ease transition
  • Gives littles one a big-kid cup experience
  • Handy velcro grab strap attaches to almost anything
  • Extra straw included
  • Dishwasher safe


Product Description

Sip your favorite drink with your best Zoo friend!!
A major milestone for a toddler is when they are ready to move on from sippy cups. The Skip Hop Zoo Straw Bottle helps ease this transition by giving little ones a “big-kid cup” with the protection of a flip-top lid.
Straw flips down to seal closed and stay clean. Straw can be easily removed for cleaning and the product is dishwasher-safe; an extra sraw is also included with every bottle.
Holds 12 oz / 340ml.
BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free.
Coordinates with other Skip Hop Zoo character items

Box Contains

1 x Straw Bottle
1 x Spare Straw

Update: For some reason, the bottle cracked. We were very careful with it, and it still looked new, but one day I just filled it up with sparkling water, and when we shook the bottle involuntarily, the fizz made the water squirt out at the bottom. Oddly, the crack was so tiny that when I filled it up with still water, we didn't notice any leaking. I have no idea how long it had been cracked, but however long it was, I expected it to last much longer, given the price.

Initial impression: Lovely little bottle with a child-friendly shape. Doesn't leak, and it's made of very rigid plastic with a great grip to it.

I don't intend to ever use the dishwasher on it, and I advise the readers not to, either. I'll pop the cap and straw in, sure, but not the painted bottle. You're not supposed to do that with anything that's got a colourful print or sticker on it, by the way, whatever it may say on the instructions. Judging by some of the reviews, a lot of people didn't get that memo.

On a different note, my daughter calls it her 'rhino bottle', and she has a point.
Goes well with the matching lunch bag, Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie - Unicorn
By Trinkets and treats 8 September 2017
I bought this bottle for my little ones a while ago in Singapore. They're absolutely good and durable, No licking even when the bottle is positioned upside down. Little ones love to bite the head of the straw which may tear the plastic material of the straw head, however it comes with extra straw which is also quite durable. With this good experience I bought 2 others as little ones are going to school. Pictures may come off after few months but it doesn't matter as for me what's important is the quality of the bottle itself. Very happy with the purchase, came on time and items are as what described on the pictures. Really recommended.
By missabc 31 August 2017
The bottle itself is nice and I like how easily it can be cleaned. But the hedgehog came off after 2 weeks and I was already careful as I read that's an issue. But 2 weeks? Not good enough. Funny that the brand name is still there. They could use a quality ink for that...
By Nora 5 June 2017
This is by far the best bottle I have bought and I have bought a lot of them... My partner is always wondering why I have bought so many but I always find something wrong with them and constantly searching for "the one"

Now I have found it. Readons why...
- It comes with 2 straws. It's really the part that gets yucky so changing it its like getting a new bottle. So really one could say it's two bottles.
- My boy loves the design and is very proud of it
- Doesn't feel like cheap plastic
- It's fine to put in the dishwasher
- When you clean it, it actually gets clean! Unlike other bottles that have all sorts of funny valves for the non-spill.

Bad point
- It can leak if the top is not closed. I don't mind this compromise as i don't like the disgusting valve features of other bottles. I like mine clean.
- Not a fan of the strap. I don't use it but perhaps other people find it useful...
By lottasund 16 March 2016
The bottle comes out with us everywhere! Our son is almost 2 and took to drinking from this right away. Coming from a Tommee Tippee he still tends to tip this up to get a drink (not needed as the straw goes right to the bottom).

The water seal comes from the fact that when you slide the lid closed, it folds the straw over to pinch it tight. So far so good.

Just the right capacity for a shopping trip or a morning out, and still looks great after a few dishwasher cycles.
By Christopher Brierley-Roberts 20 November 2016
We tried 4 different bottles before this one and our little girl (12 months old) wasn't happy with either of them. Finally I found this one and from day1 she loves it. I guess all toddlers have different preferences and there was nothing obviously wrong with the other 4 but this one definitely suits her. I think she likes the free flow straw that she doesn't have to bite on to release the water. The bottle is well made, has no plasticky smell, the anti spill lock works well. My daughter even dropped it on the floor couple of times and it hasn't cracked so it seems to be sturdy enough. It also comes with a spare straw.
By michniakr 21 September 2018
A good bottle however it does have some flaws:
1. Design started to rub off once washed several times (I've had 2 of these bottles one I hand washed and motif faded / rubbed off, the 2ND I used the dishwasher and it also rubbed off)
2. The cap that closes of the straw is weak and if dropped (and bear in mind it is designed for a toddler) it easily breaks completely or comes off and the joints seem weakened every time is put on again.
By One bookish person 10 December 2017
My daughter absolutely loves this bottle. We were finding it hard to get her off her baby bottles so thought this might be a distraction. It certainly did the trick and she calls it her "gaston bottle" because the ladybird looks a bit like the character from Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom. It does leak if you turn it upside down with the straw exposed but generally its a nice design. My daughter tends to chew on straws but this one has remained intact. There is also a little carry strap on the bottle which is handy. I might be tempted to by another bottle from the set.
By J Vine 3 February 2015