MAM I Love Mummy and Daddy Soother Clip - Pack of 2, Pink SS2202G

MAM I Love Mummy and Daddy Soother Clip - Pack of 2, Pink SS2202G

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  • Keeps soother clean and close at hand by attaching to clothes or fabric
  • Flexible attachment of soothers, teethers & other accessories including Ring Soothers
  • Quick & easy fastening thanks to the wide opening


Product Description

This pack of 2 clips from MAM are ideal for making sure soothers stay clean and are ready to use when needed. The clips fit all soother types and offer flexible attachment with a quick and easy velcro fastening. MAM soothers help babies to relax. MAM's patented silicone teat is silky soft and thanks to the anti-slip surface the soother stays easily in baby's mouth. The orthodontic teat is ideal for baby's jaw and teeth development. To meet the highest standards the soothers are developed in close collaboration with designers and orthodontists. MAM designers have designed soothers in different sizes, ensuring a maximum level of comfort for babies of all ages. Thanks to the smart design the soother always sits in the mouth perfectly. These BPA-free soothers are recommended for 6+ months and over and come packed in a fully sterilisable carry case. MAM soothers are available in three sizes: 0-2 months, 0+ months and 6+ months in many colours and designs.

Box Contains

2 x soother clip

It's very nice and easy to use, before I bought it, it was unclear how it's work, so now I added some photos to be clear to other customers.
By OS 2 January 2016
These are absolute genius.
I had been washing and sterilising dummies around 4 times a day because the little dude kept spitting them out.
Someone seen this and gave me one of their kids dummy clips and it was then I realised what a total first time dad I am.
So ordered more and never looked back.
Just remember to take them off at night.
By TheBigYin 18 November 2017
These are good quality and versitile (can be used on MAM dummies as well as other dummies as you can remove the MAM attachment). I also like the mechanism for attaching to the baby clothes - can be attached using one hand (ideal when dealing with a baby who needs his dummy!) and feels solid, also not sharpe or hard which you don't want with a baby product. Only reason I have not given this 5 stars is that it's a bit fiddly to get the attachment onto the MAM dummy (actually easier to use on other dummies with the Velcro attachment). It's not a huge deal but takes a bit of doing & would be handy if it was a bit easier.
By Mouse 10 April 2017
Very easy to use, however after a while the material does get dirty and stains. I normally just pop it in the washing machine and then seems to come up as good as new.
Clips on well to bibs but my 8 month old has started to pull it off and puts it in his mouth, but maybe this would happen with all soother clips.
Overall a good product
By sonyak 30 April 2018
Easy to use. Clips on well but my 7month old can pull it off and puts it in her mouth. However after a while the material does get dirty and stains. Does not return to its exact colour even after a good wash. I'd prefer it if it was plastic maybe.
By Poppings 18 January 2017
I bought these for my 1 year old as she keeps throwing her dummy out of the cot. These are brilliant but more suited to a younger baby as she is too clever and knows how to take it off so now not only is the dummy on the floor so is the clip...
By FR1 15 February 2016
The clip to fasten this to a bib/clothing isn't the best design as anything with a raised edge presents a problem for the sliding style clip. Also, you can't put it in the steriliser as it melts the plastic ring that attached to the dummy.
By K.D. 7 December 2016
The best clips for the Mam dummies. My baby’s only has Mam and these are quick to snap on and off clothing and hold the dummy very well. Also way to wash in the washing machine or by hand. Don’t syerilose the plastic ring that holds the dummy as I ruined 2 of mine by doing so.
By Kasia 15 July 2018