NUK Soother Travel Pod - 1 pack (colours may vary) 10750256

NUK Soother Travel Pod - 1 pack (colours may vary) 10750256

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  • For hygienic storage when soothers are not in use
  • Keeps soothers clean and safe when out and about
  • Available in three colours - green, yellow and purple, pack contains : x 1 Pod suitable for storing 1 x soother
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free
  • Colours may vary

Product Description

The NUK Soother Box is a practical solution for everyday use. The clever and colourful pod keeps soothers hygienically clean and safe whilst out and about. The compact design fits perfectly into nearly every bag. The soother box can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. To make life easier, you have to understand it first. Since 1956 NUK has been listening to the trusted experts: midwives, doctors, nutritionists and especially mums and dads in order to learn about the needs of both parent and child in those precious early years.

Box Contains

1 X NUK Soother Box (colours will vary)

These are useful little pods to store dummies when not in use. All dummies should come with something similar really to keep them clean. However, it would be far more useful if you could specify a colour. I ordered two and was sent two green ones, which meant that I couldn't distinguish between them/the dummies inside. They are very overpriced for a cheap bit of plastic and they pop open easily after washing in hot water a few times which isn't ideal. I like that they can be cleaned in the dishwasher but it would be better if you were able to put them in a microwave steriliser with bottles etc. Have used with both NUK and Tommee Tippee dummies which fit well.
By Katie 17 August 2018
Great, as described product. I bought 2, to help keep dummies organised when going out - and because of the bright colours, we use them in the house as well, as they keep the dummies protected, clean and handy, so we don't have to run to the steriliser, every time she/we drop one. Personally, they were what I was expecting and the dummies for my daughter fit fine - 1 dummies per travel pod. I know some people were complaining about the size, the fit is neat, but they are for travelling and to save space, so I'm not sure what they were expecting. I am happy with my purchase and would definitely buy again.
By mrxd 22 April 2014
Personally I really like this little product. I did read some reviews before buying it and many said it was expensive for what it is but I think it has done the job fantastically. It fits nicely in my pocket and has now become an essential part of my baby kit. I don't leave the house without it. Only improvement would be to make it a little higher so that different brands of pacifier fit into it.
By Miss K 20 February 2018
Product is good in its self....dummy fits perfectly, however advertisement is not good, as it shows three dummy protectors and you only receive one for £4:25 I would of preferred if I got what I set of three!!
By Uzma Hanif 15 July 2018
Excellent pod, you can easily fit 2 Nuk dummies into each pod (but they obviously lose they sterility once opened). Easy to open and put dummies in/ get them out. Have recommended them to a friend who is also very happy with them.
By New mummy! 18 July 2015
Dont be fooled, the package comes with ONE item - as in: a single piece. For that I found the price a bit deer.
If you are a first time parent and seriously sleep deprived during the early months, you may not read the small print so thought i highlight it so dont repeat my mistake...
Otherwise, i love NUK products and this is very handy for NUK soothers.
By Snow White 14 October 2016
This is useful for dummies but the mark up must be astonishing as it is essentially just a bit of plastic!

It goes in our steamer without any problems and can squeeze in two Nuks.
By Annabel 22 July 2016
I am satisfied with it, I've got a purple one just I think it's too expensive as we'll get only one little box.It would be better to get two boxes for this price.
By Katalin Kiss 9 August 2017