MAM Night Glow in The Dark SooTher Suitable 0 Months with Sterilisable Travel Case - Pack of 2, Pink/White SR3122G

MAM Night Glow in The Dark SooTher Suitable 0 Months with Sterilisable Travel Case - Pack of 2, Pink/White SR3122G

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  • Glows in the dark! Allows babies and parents to find the soother again very easily even at night.
  • Feature MAM's patented silk teat made of extremely soft silicone
  • Anatomically correct to allow healthy jaw and teeth development
  • Curved shield for comfort, air holes and inside surface good for the skin
  • Soothers come packed in a fully sterilisable travel case

Style Name:Night Glow in The Dark  |  Colour:Pink/White

Product Description

Glows in the dark - makes it easy to find at night! MAM soothers help babies to relax.

Box Contains

2 x MAM Soothers
1 x Sterilisable travel case

Super cute design, by far the best dummy brand out there. My daughter uses these along with the mam bottles and we have not had any problems at all! She is also breastfed and has caused no confusion
By Jessie rose 16 May 2017
At first drakes me out wondering what the glow was but perfect when you lean over your baby’s crib in night to see if soother has fallen out or still in baby’s mouth. Best to attach to the MAM soother strap though for double ability to locate in minimal light
By K. Blakey 8 December 2017
My baby really seems to like these dummies. I like that there are two in the pack so there's always a backup if one gets dropped on the floor. The case is a great idea too in that you can sterilise the dummies in it, plus it means you can easily put a dummy or two in your changing bag when out and about. I've not used these at night so can't comment fully on the glow in the dark feature, but I've definitely noticed a glow to them.
By Nis 18 September 2016
Brilliant soother! The only one my son would actually suck on (shame I bought accidentally pink set :)
He’s exclusively breastfed and didn’t use the dummy until 3 month of age, which made difficult to find the dummy he would like to take, I tried six different brands with the cheap £1 dummy altogether and MAM soother was the only one he could keep in his mouth.
He also has a high narrow palate, so this orthodontic dummy is great at correcting the issue.
Moreover, it’s made of silicone, but it’s a quite nice soft silicone with a bit of a texture so I’m not sure if it’s on purpose but that seems to resemble the skin texture on the nipple.
By GC only! 12 September 2018
As with all MAM products, brilliant! I love the glow in the dark feature, makes it so much easier to find them in the cot of a night without fumbling around or turning the light on and disturbing the baby. I've now bought these in every colour and the non glow in the dark ones for the day time.
I love that they come in a little case to keep them clean that also doubles as a sterilising box. Great product and the designs are quite sweet too!
By Jessica 24 July 2018
Glow in the dark is great for when the dummy falls out in the night. The case is very handy for transporting.
By Jennie 2 April 2017
These are lovely and very handy to find when the room is pitch black! They glow green however don’t seem to bother my son from sleeping as it’s suttle enough not to disturb him. I use these always at night as he tends to spit it out in the night then lays on it so I use the glow in the dark ones to make it easier for me to find them and then pull them out from under him. Definitely buy again!!
By Charlotte 7 July 2018
I would give five stars but only giving four due to the glow in the dark not always been too obvious. I do sit them in the light during the day and the glow does last a while but soon seems to wear off unlike my daughters scent dummies. Mam products are fantastic though and the teats try to mimic the nipple so it's better for babies mouth
By Katie C 13 February 2017