Close Newborn Box Pop-in Cloth Nappies Assorted Pastel Colours - 10 Absorbent Cores + 6 Outer Shells Close Baby Carrier 326100

Close Newborn Box Pop-in Cloth Nappies Assorted Pastel Colours - 10 Absorbent Cores + 6 Outer Shells Close Baby Carrier 326100

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  • best possible fit on a tiny baby

Designed specifically as an introduction to the Pop-in brand, the Newborn Pop-in provides the best possible fit on a tiny baby and can contend with babiesÕ specific changing needs in those early weeks. It is an affordable way to bridge the gap between tiny baby and birth to potty sizing and it is tailored to be used on a tiny or prem baby straight from birth. The front section is contoured and the nappy is much slimmer for the lower wetting, high frequency changing those first few weeks bring with up to 10 changes a day. It is still 100% Pop-in with all the same trust and reliability, but with some new materials and new ideas. The outer wrap can be easily wiped clean and re-used if not soiled, so you can just switch the soaker over at change time...easy! The clever double sided design of the soaker means you can choose, 100% soyaÉ known as vegetable cashmere or stay dry suede cloth against babyÕs delicate skinÉWe think it is just Close common sense! Weight range: 5-12lbs, 2-5.5kgs Our pop-in newborn nappy enables parents to use reusable nappies from the very beginning, so parents can save money from day one Ð saving up to 60% over the cost of disposables until the child is ready to potty train Ð and should they have a low birth weight or tiny baby there is no need to revert to disposables until their little one fits into birth to potty sized pop-in, saving more money and helping to divert more nappies from their local landfill and ecosystem. Our pop-in newborn nappies are sold in a box with 10 double-sided newborn soakers and 6 newborn outer shells in our classic pastel colours (the mix of colours may vary according to stock availability)

After a lot of research I bought these for my first baby, at first I loved them, they are very easy to use, easy to wash and fit perfectly.

After 2 weeks however we had to stop using these on the advice of our pediatrician. Unfortunately the fabric didn't wick the moisture away from the skin so my baby ended up with a pretty sore bum. Despite changing him every 2-3 hours he didn't react well to the excess moisture and although I really didn't want to use disposables his bum was perfect again within 2 days.

The small size is cute but had I not swapped my baby would have grown out of these at about 3-4 weeks making them pretty expensive for the length of time they are useful.
By OHarvey 10 February 2017
Fantastic nappies! These fitted my newborn well at birth (7lbs11) and a month later still looking like they will have plenty more use- so much better than a size 1 or a one size fits all nappy. Haven’t had a single leak. These contain wee and poo explosions brilliantly. Very easy to wash and quick to dry. Only downside is the absorbency isn’t that great. The microfibre fills up with wee very quickly. However I’ve added a bamboo booster underneath and that resolves it well. Definitely a good purchase
By Ms. E. M. Procter 13 May 2018
Absolutely loved using these on my baby. Really easy to use, slim fitting and dry quickly. I really love the way you can reuse the wraps with a clean insert. Not quite enough in the box to use cloth full time, but a great starter kit
By k l morris 14 March 2018
Loved these nappies. Used them for ages on my prem baby. Did struggle finding info on them, hence the pictures.
By Elanor Currie 31 July 2017
I love them! They are soft and comfortable for my baby!
He is so happy with them.
By Sofia de la Dedicacion 7 May 2018
I think we are now obsessed with these. Fit really well as he was 6lb10oz and has a skinny bottom. We can just replace the inserts if needed and reuse the outer. Two lots of three last us 2-3 days and dry quickly on radiator or outside line
By Amazon Customer 23 April 2016
Love these. Super absorbent and fits my premie at 2.3 kg (a little space around the legs but excellent around the waist without loads of bulk.)
By J. O. 15 September 2015