Early Learning Centre - Sensory Ball Pit ELC 130952

Early Learning Centre - Sensory Ball Pit ELC 130952

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  • The ball pit is a fun and safe play space for your baby to discover. the intriguing toys and fun pit encourages your baby to move & explore
  • Sensory ball pit - great for your baby to explore
  • Pit with colours, textures, portholes and detachable mirror

Product Description

This Intriguing Sensory Ball Pit Encourages Your Baby To Explore, and Rewards Their Curiosity With Satisfying Sights, Sounds and Textures. The Colourful Pop-up Ball Pit Has Brightly Coloured Panels, High-contrast Patterns, Posting-holes To Peer Through and Pop Balls Through, and A Detachable Safety Mirror for Your Baby To Enjoy. The Sensory Ball Pit Comes With Four Textured Beanbags, Which are Great for Your Baby To Explore With Their Hands. It Also Comes With 20 Playballs, Which Your Baby Can Enjoy Rolling In, Kicking and Tossing as They Grow. The Pit is Covered With Stimulating Colours, Textures and Mesh. The Sensory Ball Pit Makes A Fun and Safe Place for Your Baby To Play, Indoors or Outside.

Box Contains

1x ball pit, textured beanbags, 20x playballs

I bought this for my little one when he was 7 months old. It's nice and colourful, but comes with very few balls for its size. The wire inserts that give the pit its shape are not padded and feel very sharp when knelt on - pretty poor for a product meant for littlies who are rolling, crawling and generally still getting to grips with controlling their movement. I only noticed this after we had used it, or I would have sent it back.

My little one is occasionally interested in it. He crawls and climbs in and out of it, and likes to chew on and chase the balls. I should have just bought those!

It may be of more interest to a younger, less active baby.

But, the wire rings are inappropriate in my opinion, and the product is not worth the price.
By Alphamikecharlie 12 April 2017
I bought this for my 8 month old son, and was a good purchase. However, as many other reviewers have said it is a bit pricey for what it is. Especially as you barely get any balls. I did buy extra ones after reading reviews but that cost me an extra £10 so did add up to being quite expensive in the end. Still a good purchase as my son enjoys it, but not enough to give it 5 stars..
By Alice 17 May 2017
Not very sturdy but helped my son kids with keeping him entertained. But as soon as he started to crawl he learnt to just crawl out of it as the sides are flimsy but done it's purpose at the start and now it's great to keep as a toy pit instead! We just throw all of his toys in the pit as we don't have a lot of storage space and my son crawls over and just picks out toys that he wants to play with :-)
By cassie 31 July 2017
Kids love it. One thing I would say about it is that when the kids can move and they try escape the sides keep collapsing. Get a bag of plastic balls and fill it up and keep them entertained for ages
By Chris 15 June 2018
My eight month old daughter loves this pit, I feel happy in the knowledge I know she can't get in to much trouble in it. The pit is very easy to set up, although I do have a little bit of trouble folding it back up again. My only complaint would be, I believe it needs something to hold it together once folded up. Despite this, both me and my daughter are very pleased with it.
By Elaine 21 March 2017
Might have been nice to have had a padded floor. Good place to contain baby of five months who is just sitting up.
By Amazon Customer 29 November 2017
My grandson adored it . Extra balls bought by his parents
By Catt 28 May 2018
Great fun still had in this. Soft enough sides to collapse without hurting a child.
By JT 14 November 2017