Purpless Maternity 2in1 Nursing Hoodie Pregnancy Sweatshirt Breastfeeding Top 9050

Purpless Maternity 2in1 Nursing Hoodie Pregnancy Sweatshirt Breastfeeding Top 9050

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  • Stretchy and comfortable material fits all types of figures
  • Pregnancy hoodie available in variety of colours
  • Cotton Blend
  • Can be worn for work, everyday or special occasions
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  • Colours on our photos are for illustration purposes only and may slightly differ from colours in reality as different browsers have different colour management settings, different devices have different display technologies as well as brightness and contrast settings depend on the individual device.

Product description

Maintain your pre-bump style throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding
with our fashionable and affordable 2 in 1 maternity and nursing hoodie.
This warm, long sleeved 2 in 1 hoodie has been designed by Purpless to give
you comfort and style during your pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding without
spending too much on your pregnancy and post pregnancy wardrobe. We have
made sure that expandable zipped sides will fit your beautifully growing
baby bump. 2 discreet, small plastic zips will give discreet, comfortable
and easy access for breastfeeding. Purpless maternity and nursing hoodie
is great with jeans or leggings and will always give you the comfort you need.

The model is wearing size 8 and is 160 cm tall (5'4 inch).

All tops are brand new with tags, accessories are not included.

Colours may slightly vary from the ones showed on the photos.

This is a cheaply made top using cheap material as you would expect for the price. However it ins warm and the colour is great and the zips to feed from are an awesome design that I haven't see elsewhere. They work perfectly meaning I can stay completely warm whilst out for a day or a walk and still feed. No need to flash any tummy either. I think it's great and. Don't know why more breastfeeding tops don't have this. Saves burrowing under tops etc.. And the zips when done up are not at al obvious. I would recommend this to any breastfeeding mum and the price is great too.
By charlie 15 March 2014
This is the second time that I have purchased the nursing hoodie, this time for a family member rather than myself and she already loves it too! It has a zip on both hips that allows it to extend comfortably during pregnancy and both looks and feels like a regular hoodie when wearing. The nursing part are 2 concealed zips that allow you to feed discretely, it can be a little tricky to zip/unzip one-handed while it is still very new, worth zipping and unzipping a bit before trying to use it in action. I still love to wear my hoodie even though I have finished nursing, so comfy. Had mine for 3 years and it's still as good as the day I bought it, even after being used almost every day.
By le88 31 July 2017
I was looking for a nursing sweatshirt as its so cold at the moment, and this one seemed the best option as all other nursing clothes I have are a bit fiddly with different fabric parts to move.I was glad I read reviews and ordered a size up, that was a good call as it runs a little on the smaller side. Its a great top for hanging around the house and I find it very comfortable, but I wouldn't use it much out of the house as the opening isn't as discrete as other clothing I have. I love the idea of the zip, but actually having two zippers one at the top and one at the bottom would be better as when unzipped the gap is fairly big. Would be good to close the top a little bit to cover up a little bit more. But all in all I am very pleased with it.
By Amazon Customer 27 January 2017
This is great, I have trialed it as a breastfeeding top. Breastfeeding zips arent noticeable. It is more orange than I thought and less coral but still nice to have something colourful. Zips on the sides for bumb are not very comfy when you dont have a bump. Will use for future pregnancy and nursing. Only gripe is that the material is cheap, anything nursing is so expensive. Really adding a few zips isnt that hard and company could consider using a better quality fabric for the money you are paying.
By Madeline 26 September 2016
Reading reviews i ordered larger than normally would... and uts still a little snug, even with the zips. All the same good for breastfeeding, although I think I would prefer buttoned flaps or something as I am alway concious of the babies face against the "boob zip"
By Mrs C Farrier 4 June 2018
I love this top so much this is my second time buying it in a different colour. It fits beautifully and is really cosy and comfortable. It's really discreet for feeding my twins when I'm out and about. The only thing is the zips tend to stick a little so you definitely need both hands to close the zips which isn't always possible when holding a baby (or two!) but even when you stand up with the zips open they tend to stay close together so you're still covered
By Helen Matthews 23 October 2016
These are the ticket for outdoor feeds in moderately cold conditions. Had my first go with them yesterday and it's amazing! They are really warm though so you need to think about where you are going before wearing it. Too hot to wear anything other than a bra underneath, also that wouldn't work with the zippy bit.
By Erinn 20 May 2016
I have been really pleased with this. I read other reviews so bought one size bigger which fits well. Nursing is very straight forward & descreet and quite a few people have commented they like the hoodie (not realising it is for nursing!)
I'm still carrying a little extra weight after pregnancy so have the side zips slightly undone for extra comfort.
By Amazon Customer 26 October 2016