ENKEEO Wireless Bike Computer, USB Rechargeable with 12 Hour Backlight Display, Current/AVG/MAX Speed Tracking Speedometer, Trip Time/Distance Recording Odometer for Cycling

ENKEEO Wireless Bike Computer, USB Rechargeable with 12 Hour Backlight Display, Current/AVG/MAX Speed Tracking Speedometer, Trip Time/Distance Recording Odometer for Cycling

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  • LONG TIME BACKLIGHT: capable of keeping the LED backlight on up to 12 hours; makes the display readable all the time when in low light conditions; perfect for night riding
  • EASY OPERATION: minimalist design; 2 button operation; 3-line display for better readability; highly visible data display with huge font size; charge with USB cable
  • PRECISE MEASUREMENTS: measures your current speed, average speed and displays the comparison between the 2 parameters; also measures distance, riding time etc.
  • SAVE TRIP DATA FOR 7 DAYS: automatically saves your riding data up to 7 days; supports recording the riding data of 2 different bikes
  • WIRELESS DESIGN: convenient and simple to install; no need for wiring

Speedometer and the temperature didn’t work. Since it was meant to be a gift for someone who specifically wanted to know these things on days out, it was embarrassing and disappointing to say the least. It just confirmed their prejudice against technology.
It was the computer and not the sensor that was at fault since much cheaper computer worked perfectly clipped into the same handle bar fitting.
However the company immediately moved to rectify the problem by
Immediately, on find out about the problem, sending a replacement and providing a refund.
By Peter May 8 January 2018
It does everything I need, speed, time, distance all sorted, however the cap which goes inside of the charging port to prevent water getting in does not stay in very well, also the way the temperature is measured is completely dependent on what units I am using. I want to use Celsius and MPH however to get the speed in MPH the temperature is in Fahrenheit which is no good to me.

Update: The battery life is amazing, mine has lasted for weeks without losing even 1 bar of charge, however, the time goes out of sync very quickly, I changed the time to the correct time and two days later the time is a minute fast on the clock, 1 week later it is 3 minutes fast. Also, the thermometer is not very accurate, I can be told the temperature is 40 degrees Celsius on a day where the temperature is only 30 tops. My guess this is from the internals of the device heating up being measured instead of the ambient temperature
By Oliver I. 9 May 2018
The best cheap cycling computer I've used so far. The battery lasts weeks - even with nightly back-light use. The memory function, with detailed storage up to a week (trip details: avg speed, max speed, time etc) and the lifetime odometer is really useful and more importantly accurate.

The user interface is simple but quite intuitive - it is more logical than another, cheaper Chinese speedo I've got on Bike #1. Wireless operation is really handy for obvious reasons.

The only real issue I have is the Fahrenheit/mph thing. You can choose only [mph + Fahrenheit] or [kph + Celsius]. Being British, this is annoying, but not the end of the world.

I do like this speedo. So much so that I've just bought my mate one.
By James P 7 September 2018
This bike computer has lasted one charge out the box and 50 miles of riding and now it needs recharged and it will NOT recharge, it might be cheap but should last more than 50 miles.

After getting in contact with the seller Enkeeo and sending the faulty unit back I received a replacement back and the seller refunded the postage.

I really like the unit but for the moment not confident about the quality of it, the replacement unit turns on and works and I will test it when possible, limited just now with weather but will update my review to 5 stars if this unit holds out more than 50 miles
By Baker Field 22 July 2018
Instructions are completely unintuitive.
Wheel measurement is asking for circumference in mm but at no point does it explain this.
You cannot change the temperature display unless you change speed display. So for the UK MPH and celsius are used but when choosing MPH you are limited only seeing temperature in fahrenheit.
By Kieran 17 April 2018
Had this a few months now, in all weathers, fabulous little bike computer for the money. USB charged battery lasts for well over 10 hours, no wires to wrap around forks, customer support sent out pdf manual straight away when I lost the original. Could easily spend double for the same functionality with one of the top brands.
By Amazon Customer 15 May 2018
Really great speedometer. Very easy to install and easy to use. Nice size and clear display. Great quality and very good value. Arrived quickly. Reccomended.
By JULIE 7 August 2017
Good service, good product.
By I. Cusin 19 March 2018