Spy Gear Night Goggles 20062347

Spy Gear Night Goggles 20062347

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  • Eliminate darkness with the high-tech Spy Night Goggles.
  • LED lights and blue tinted lenses to enhance your night vision.
  • Foldout sighting scope.
  • 2X magnifying lens.
  • Adjustable head strap.

Product Description

Eliminate darkness with the high-tech Spy Night Goggles from Spy Gear! The bright LED lights and blue tinted lenses enhanced your night vision allowing you to navigate your surroundings. Spot enemies as the foldout sighting scope and 2X magnifying lens enhance your target tracking ability. Spy Night Goggles are the ultimate piece of nighttime technology for spies! For ages 6 years and over.

Box Contains

1 supplied.

Daughters pleased with it but it's just glasses with a little blue torch in them. Also biggest downer is that you can't adjust the head band so it keeps falling down with the weight of the battery pack at the back of it
By Spam 7 September 2015
He loves these and is rarely seen without them. If there was one gripe it would be that the battery pack is a little heavy and is only kept in place on the back of the head by the tightness of the band.
By fletch 2 January 2014
These are really cool. Team them up with a sharp suit, you've got a cool secret agent 6 yr old in no time!
By D. rouillion 19 January 2014
I bought these for my two grandsons for Christmas they loved them and wouldn't take them off.
By Wiveybees 30 December 2015
Son very disappointed as we could not get them to work properly. Couldn't return them as live in Kenya and had got them brought over.
By Miss G 25 January 2016
These glasses have given my son so much pleasure, he walks around with them on at night and has so many adventures. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to have an adventure.
By Sharon 17 December 2014
It has been a great success, the night vision goggles are well used. They were reasonably priced. I would recommend this product .
By Miss E A cRILLY 15 December 2013
7 yr old loves it! Brilliant seller!
By ND 29 September 2016