Mamas & Papas Musical Cot/Cotbed Mobile, Ava Rose Stars - Nursery Accessory - Nursery Decoration 7560V8101

Mamas & Papas Musical Cot/Cotbed Mobile, Ava Rose Stars - Nursery Accessory - Nursery Decoration 7560V8101

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  • Mobile has a soothing musical function
  • Newly designed arm, more visually pleasing
  • Coordinates with our ava rose nursery collection
  • H 39 x w 22 x d 22cm (excluding mobile arm)
  • Suitable for 0-5 months

Style Name:Cot Mobile  |  Colour:Ava Rose Stars

Product Description

Soothe your little one to sleep with our mamas & papas ava rose musical mobile. coordinating with our ava rose bedding and accessories collection, our cot mobile is the ideal accessory for creating the perfect, relaxing atmosphere in your child's nursery. and what's more, it looks good too. we've taken a look at the mobile arm and created a unique design which looks more pleasing and feels more in-keeping with the rest of your child's nursery.

Box Contains

1 x Mobile

The mobile itself looks nice and the wind-up rotating mechanism works as expected, but the musical aspect of it is a joke. Right of the bat your ears are blasted with an unnecessarily loud melody that sounds like it's played by like 5 babies at once, each equipped with a broken xylophone, and recorded using a rusty can and a potato, i.e. the sound is cringe-inducingly tinny and lots of random notes are interspersed, ensuring your baby will definitely not be the next Mozart. Had to open it up and take out the steel comb immediately, so now the mobile rotates in blissful silence.
I obviously did not expect audiophile sound quality, but this is ridiculous. Could well be that it's a hit-or-miss thing, as these things seem to be mass-produced and then rebranded, but as a company I'd take a long hard look at quality control.
By M 25 July 2017
Poor quality:
Very disappointed regarding the quality - the ribbons which hold up the circle band are all different lengths which means that the whole mobile hangs at an angle. I could fix it by stapling/sewing them to the same length but considering the amount paid I decided to send it back and will look for something else.
In addition the way that the material had been sewn onto the circle band meant that the words were wonky (minor point but annoying)
The material itself is very nice and feels strong/of good quality. The product is let down purely on the sloppy manufacturing.

On a positive note:
The colours of the stars are nice - my 9 week old baby liked looking at them as they have strong contrasts between the light and dark.

Minor negative comments on the design:
I would prefer to have the stars hanging at different lengths so they arent all clustered together on one level.
The material of the mobile doesnt match the colour of the "arm" which attaches it to the crib. The arm is a warm creamy colour and the mobile is more of a beige colour. Again, minor point but slightly annoying considering the cost.
By Amazon Customer 15 March 2016
Bought this mobile for my baby sons room he absolutely loves it; he squeals with excitement when I put this on and smiles and giggles. It is very well made and high quality. Could do with adding in a battery option with a timer but winding it all the way does give you time to have a quick shower. Would thoroughly recommend. It’s also a good distraction for him when I am changing his nappy and he is upset as it makes him smile and laugh.
By Jo 14 January 2018
I’ve just received my Welcome to the World mobile. On first inspection the product looks lovely. However the musical component looks very tatty. It’s scrached, the sticker is partly peeled off and has what looks like dried food on it. I’m aware as it’s a refurbished item so it’s not going to be perfect but it didn’t state anywhere in the description that it would be that way. I wouldn’t have purchased it had I have known this.

If there’s anything you can do to resolve this I would be happy to hear your suggestions.
By Salie 28 June 2018
I absolutely love this! It just looks so gorgeous in my baby's nursery and adds the finishing touch I was after. It only plays Twinkle-Twinkle little star (in that music box type of way), it would have been nice if it played another tune too but I don't think that takes much away from it.
By Antonia 17 August 2018
gentle soothing lullaby which keeps my baby calm and she loves to look at it
although after 6 months, remove as baby tends to reach for it and pulls
By Mrs Johnson 13 August 2018
Lovely item but not exactly as expected. Looks more grey in the picture but is actually brown so doesn't match my nursery. The plastic arm also looks white but is cream. It plays twinkle twinkle little star, but slightly off key! The major downfall is that even when wound to its maximum it only plays music for 4 minutes....not quite long enough for my baby to fall completely to sleep!
By Amazon Customer 20 April 2017
We were initially going to send this item back as it is quite big and we had to take it to Australia but it is very good quality so we kept it in the end. My niece loves it and it has replaced the previous mobile. The music is very soothing also, a good buy.
By Rachel 1 October 2015