Sticky Mosaics Sparkling Fairies Sticky Mosaics Sparkling Line 63788

Sticky Mosaics Sparkling Fairies Sticky Mosaics Sparkling Line 63788

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Colour Name:Fairies

Product Description

 See each of the four seasons come to life with the Sparkling Fairies! There are dozens of themes to choose from in the Sticky Mosaics line. Each kit takes from 3 to 7 hours to complete, giving beautiful results and a strong sense of accomplishment. Finished mosaics can be proudly placed on display using the included plastic hangers, or kick-stands. From enchanted forests to the concert hall and everything in between. With tons of different themes for boys and girls of all ages, Sticky Mosaics® kits are a hit with the whole family.

Box Contains

4 Sparkling projects
4 plastic wall hangers
1400+ sticky foam & jewel pieces

I should have read through all the reviews. The packaging was all in German. It is for a present and it is too late to send it back and get something else. Fortunately these mosaics are fairly self explanatory. They really should distribute the English version on though.
By A Customer 18 November 2017
Bought as a reward for my 5year old. She loved them and sat for extended periods sticking them together. Lovely colours and good quality. Only criticism would be the lack of variety in the pictures
By A girl has no name 8 April 2017
My 4 year old loves her mosaics. Easy for her to do by herself and keeps her absorbed for ages. She has now proudly displayed them in her room. Plenty of mosaics stickers included
By BossRoss 24 November 2016
You can alway trust Orb Factory products! Every single Orb product is of the highest quality & always worth every penny. Arrived on time & packed well.
By Langrish Family 26 May 2017
I bought this as a present. However my daughter has been given similar ones which she loves. Pictures look lovely and sparkles on this one make it a little extra special.
By Lorna 25 February 2015
Bought for my niece and she loved it. Great time spent!
By Clo 30 July 2018
Brilliant kept my 4 yr old grandaughter happy for ages
By Smith 2 April 2017
My 4 year old daughter loved this. The pieces are big enough for her to manage. She did get bored after a while and I ended up doing a fair bit. But I just think that makes it lasts longer and get more hours of fun for your money. also comes with little sticker attachments so you ca hang them on a hook.
By VS 2 July 2013