Aresson Rounders Bat Dictator 46 cm Arr-Dict-001

Aresson Rounders Bat Dictator 46 cm Arr-Dict-001

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  • New to the Aresson Rounders range!
  • Top of the range Aresson Rounders bat
  • Arr-Dict-001
  • Aresson Dictator bat is made of Indian Willow with an aluminium band
  • Design patented
  • This combination provides the spring and hitting power of a willow bat and the ping of an aluminium bat
  • Ideal for the first team player

Product description

The Aresson Dictator Rounders Bat. This is hybrid bat constructed from Willow and aluminium. This bat is a great match bat with it aluminium striking area.

Nice size bat. Fits the hand well and is easy enough to swing in tight spaces. Its light enough to twirl but heavy enough to hit a ball with a degree of force,
By Red Ineire 29 June 2017
Wife's Xmas pressies
Brilliant service
By anthony bailey 10 February 2018
Just bought this bat, have had the same before, however this time it has a large screw in the metal part, and not flush with the metal. Badly made and not suitable for official games because of the screw. Not impressed
By ch72 30 June 2015
Great product with surprising performance for the such a bat
By Gavin Nathanson 24 June 2015
My daughter is very happy with this rounders bat. The school recommended this particular model. Not much else to say. Works!
By W. Jabi 21 June 2013
By L. Phillips 14 June 2016
Daughter moved up to first after playing with her new bat - can't ask for better than that can you?
By Mr.A 12 June 2013
Yet to play with it in games, but in practice seems to be netter than the standard issue.
The metal sleeve seems to give it added power / better control.
Daughter is happy with it.
By d hirst 13 January 2013