FUTURO FASHION Winter Style Full Length Warm Thick Heavy Cotton Leggings 8-22 P25 PT-P25

FUTURO FASHION Winter Style Full Length Warm Thick Heavy Cotton Leggings 8-22 P25 PT-P25

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  • Winter Style Full Length Warm, Thick and Heavy Cotton Leggings available in sizes 8-22
  • Warm winter leggings made of high quality material. Ideal for temperatures up to -5 Celsius degrees.
  • Cotton 95% and Elastin 5%
  • Machine Washable
  • Regular
  • Slim
  • PT-P25
  • High quality and elastic material that adapts to the body very well
  • Material allows your body to "breathe" and feel comfortable all the time. They DON'T SEE THROUGH
  • Please make sure that you received genuine FUTURO FASHION product to avoid disappointment, check the inner label for our logo and material composition. Otherwise we are not responsible for other sellers. If you believe that you received a fake please contact Futuro Fashion LTD directly.

Product description

Futuro fashion style long warm thick winter thick cotton leggings all sizes 8-22 P25
Full length leggings - 100% Cotton Heavy, thick and warm winter style available in sizes 8-22. - Warm Winter Leggings manufactured 100% brand new, made of high quality. Ideal for temperatures up to -5 °C. - High quality stretch material flattering adapts very well to the body. - Material It allows your body to breathe and comfortable all the time. They can't see in - Do Please ensure that you have received the product of fashion genuine Futuro to avoid disappointment, please make sure the inside label for our logo and the composition of the materials. Otherwise, we will not be responsible for other sellers. If you think you have received a wrong please contact Futuro fashion Ltd.

Stretch with ease yet feel supportive once on. The material is good , thick and seams intact and solid. I did not have to pull andsquirm into them and i went back and bought another 3 pairs in other colours. Wash well and retain shape. Excellent for winter as they are thicker than my summer leggings. This winter ill be warm AND comfy.
By Amanda Read 30 September 2016
To date i having found any leggings that fits me, order my size which is 14-16 but these are more like size 12, so ordered size 18, too big, if these did fit they would be great.

Think i stick to shops for these.
By Katey Jane 3 January 2016
I can't fault the speed at which these were dispatched and delivered. Very prompt
The quality of the leggings is ok but just not great for me. I found them too small in the leg length. They were supposed to be full length but these came up short by about 3 inches. Over the bottom area they were too short. Not long enough to cover and sit near my waist. I am abit old fashioned, I do like my leggings to actually sit on my waist. Being of a larger build, this is more for comfort. Nothing worse when you constantly feel the need to pull trousers/leggings up. You know that feeling when you're wearing tights and with every step you take, the crotch gets lower till you feel like it's nearly at your knees. Well sadly these had a similar feel. Thickness wise these are.certainly thicker than your average legging. So definitely a good thing for winter. Unfortunately these are just not right for me. Great for others evidently but not me. Which is a shame.
By flo 4 July 2017
I love these legging but get hole in the seam between the legs I contacted the makes to bring this to there a tension as I have had a lot of pairs but have this problem with them all just got 2 more pair war once and now got to saw the hole up the makes told me to send pictures to them which I don't know how as I just wanted them to know as I didn't want to put a bad review but iv look at some of the review and some people have already that the same problem I would have orded more but not now i only wanted the makes to take note of my comments but I feel they were not interested
By dawn 25 January 2018
When I first looked at these they looked entirely too small, but I tried them on anyway and they fit perfectly. They are comfortable and look very nice. I will say that the reason I am giving only 3 stars is that I can tell after one use that the seam around the crotch area is not fantastic and will not last, so I don't think I will get much wear out of these. I can already see some gaps along it and not sure how long I will be able to wear them. Would hope to at least get a season out of them even at this price, because I purchased for less at Primark a pair of leggings and even though they seemed cheap they did at least last me one season.
By princess 7 December 2016
I wouldn't say they were overly thick leggings but they're definately thicker than most I've bought. Very happy with the length as I'm 5"8 and struggle to get leggings to come to my ankles but these do. Would definately recomend and would buy more of these. Also fast delivery
By Tuney 8 March 2017
Initially I was very pleased, they're nice material and seemed good quality and warm and I was about to order three more pairs, but after washing them once there are already three holes that have appeared. I've given three stars just because they are really comfy and I can wear them in the house, but I can't order any more if I can't wear them out of the house!
By Billy 30 November 2017
These are fantastic leggings , not thin st all , they are made from a thick quality material which keeps its shape I am 5ft 1 and the length us just perfect and the sizing is true to size. So good that after ordering the black , I also ordered the brown and navy . Excellent value ..I love them.
By katieboo 666 29 May 2017