Crayola - 8 Jumbo Crayons Assorted Colours 2.008 Arts_and_Crafts Mini Kids Ages 1 - 4

Crayola - 8 Jumbo Crayons Assorted Colours 2.008 Arts_and_Crafts Mini Kids Ages 1 - 4

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  • 8 Jumbo Crayons
  • Manufacturer's recommended age 1+

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Product description

8 Jumbo Crayons

Manufacturer's Description

These crayons are ideal for little hands.
These chunky, easy to grip crayons come in 8 bright colours, and are far less breakable than standard crayons. Perfect for developing your child's colouring skills.

I think these are just fine for young hands. Unfortunately, my one year old granddaughter hasn't quite got the right idea yet and the crayon goes automatically in her mouth (don't worry - Mummy or Nanny are always there stopping it!), but they were easy to use, in that only light pressure was needed to apply some noticeable scribble on to a page. I know there are expensive, specially designed crayons with large, round, plastic ends available everywhere, intended for toddlers, but several reviewers said they needed considerable pressure to produce colour. These cheap, plain wax crayons don't. I'm sure that once my granddaughter understands what to do with them, she will be very happy with the result. And that won't be long: two weeks after her first birthday, she seems to be learning new skills every day.
By June 1 February 2017
Great first crayons which I bought for my 16 month old who loves to draw. She also loves to chew thew so they must taste nice too! They are nice and chunky so easy for toddlers to hold and she gets a good amount of pressure with them. As they are a bit chunkier they dont break so easily when thrown on the floor.
By Amy_M 27 January 2017
These are great - nice and chunky for little hands. I bought these for my granddaughter's first birthday with First Colouring Pad. She managed to put colour on the pages and seemed amazed that she was making the colour appear all by herself! Still wants to 'eat' them but too chunky to do much harm and she wouldn't be left alone with them anyway - just in case she finds the furniture and walls a better option! Shame no lasting box to store them in but not a massive problem
By Ms B. 30 June 2015
I was actually pretty disappointed by these. They are advertised as 'jumbo' crayons but they really aren't at all! I would expect them to be quite large in a young child's hand , similar to the jumbo chalks on sale, but the reality is that they're not much thicker than standard crayons!
By Kaela 7 December 2016
Great crayons for my 15 month old to scribble with. They are a great size for him, they do not slip out of his hands and they colour easily. He does like to place the tip in his mouth though every now and again which I have to discourage him from, but this is normal behaviour. Very impressed with them and none of them have broken and we have had them for about 6 weeks.
By S Jarvis 5 March 2015
Look thick enough for my almost 2 year olds hands so he'll get a good grip and they won't snap! Can't comment yet tho on use because they are going in his Christmas stocking 🎅🏿☃🎄
By 😬 16 November 2016
Lovely crayons that aren't too waxy, easy for my 18-month-old to hold and the colours come out nicely on paper. They do break a little easier than I hoped they would but for the price I'm very happy with them (and so is my daughter).
By Jessica Kennedy 30 March 2017
broke the first time my daughter tried to draw. she is 16 months and not a giant. the color is so mild, it is even harder to see colors on paper.
By zhengyangling 17 October 2017