OUTERDO Bike Cargo Racks Bicycle Bike Alloy Rear Rack Seat Carrier Full Quick Release Luggage Protect Pannier Nerudytop

OUTERDO Bike Cargo Racks Bicycle Bike Alloy Rear Rack Seat Carrier Full Quick Release Luggage Protect Pannier Nerudytop

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  • COMPATIBILITY - Suitable for the sit tube which is less than 33mm diameter, also can be used in 26, 27.5, 29 cycling trails.
  • USEFUL DESIGN - The total weight is only 1200 grams. Suitable for V-brake and disc brake. The lower fork can be adjusted.
  • 20 lbs LOAD - High quality aluminum alloy frame. Strong and durable. Both sides have baffle, can carry your friends.
  • SAFETY - Comes with red reflector lamp and elastic strings that will keep your luggage safe and make you safer in the night. And it also can protect the side frame from scratchig.
  • BIG - 35 x 14.5 cm, movable and fixed rack - idea for suitcases, backpacks, baskets. allow you to carry enough for a day trip.

After an hour I managed to work attached this contraption.

Bad :
1. There was no instructions so I had to resort to the images on .
2. It was not clear which side to put the washers because of #1
3. it is very hard to screw the nuts.They are lock nuts which means you will spoil them if you keep using them again and again too much.
4. The clamp at the bottom support where it is attached to the lower frame of the bike can interfere with the break wires. The solution would have been to put the screws on one side only.
5. There are three large nuts at the bottom of the slider to lock the slider in place. They are right above the wheels and since my saddle is very low because I am short it could easily rip the wheels if I go over a bump or something. That is a very bad and unnecessary design.
6. It was scratched when I opened it. When you tighten the nuts you can scratch around the nuts.
7. The slider is pointless because it is only usable when pushed to the end and it should have been longer
8. The reflector is rubbish. You have to really push it hard to get it in place so it cannot be adjusted.
9. You need a complete set of tools to install this. So you need to spend more.If they added couple of L shaped drivers as you need an L shape to hold the nuts from the back while you screw it from the front.

1. It does the job
2. Once in place it seems to be sturdy.

I deducted only one star because of missing instruction and difficulty of the screwing the nuts, others may be content with the design aspect.
By Someone 11 June 2017
I bought this for my fairly old Italian road bike which has no pannier mounts whatsoever, not even holes near the dropouts. This is ideal as it attaches to the seat post and the seat stays without the need for any mounts, and is adjustable enough to fit practically any bike (my bike is fairly small). You can adjust the distance of the rack itself from the seat post, and the length of the supports that clip onto the seat stays.

It comes disassembled with no instructions whatsoever, and you'll need an allen key and spanner to assemble it. It's pretty straightforward. I assembled mine based on the first picture and it works fine (the other pictures don't include the washers and have the supporting posts on the other side of the bag support). I'm confident that as long as you set it up to fit the bike and all the bolts are tight, it will work fine. Unless I assembled mine wrong somehow, there are 2 spare sets of washer-nut-bolt.

The included reflector and reflector mount are terrible, but that's not a big issue.

Comes with a pretty handy bungee cord

Overall an ideal rack for any bike without pannier mounts, a little on the heavy side but for the price I can't complain.
By Keir 23 July 2017
I have no experience fitting bike racks and felt as though I'd taken a bit much on at first but I've managed to fit the bike rack and it seems fairly sturdy.

Some hints and tips (which maybe there is an easier way but I couldn't work it out!)

You need some tools! It doesn't come with tools and needs 2 different sizes of Allen key and the 2 different sizes of rachet attachment (8 and 10mm). I then used an adjustable spanner to hold my rachet attachment on the nut before turning the Allen key. As I said, there must be a better way but there wasn't space for any rachet head and handle that I own when putting it together. I also ended up taking off the 2 shape brackets because they stopped it fitting my bike when they were underneath (as on the picture they advertise). I could put them over the legs that attach to the bike frame but I've not got the energy after a 2 hour battle.

The best advice I can give you is be patient, or give it to someone who knows what they are doing.

1 star deducted due to the lack of instructions and faff of putting it together. Still glad I bought it and it seems very stable. I'll update my review if I find out differently on my cycle to work tomorrow!
By Amazon Customer 14 June 2017
Not really fit for purpose I'm afraid. It was easy to fit and looked good initially but over time (about 4 months) it has started breaking. see attached photo. One of the support brackets has broken and also the metal rod has sheared too. It says maximum load 25kgs where I have been putting in about 5kgs (spare ebike battery, charger, puncture repair kit). The problem I think is that the battery is quite hard so the repeated banging up and down when going over bumps has taken its toll on the brittle alloy metal. Should have known really. It was cheap for a reason. Its probably fine if you loaded it with soft things but there is absolutely no way I'd go anywhere near loading 25kgs. Whilst stationary its probably fine but on bumpy cycle paths etc I doubt it would last very long.
By Damo 10 April 2018
So.. it's cheap and was delivered quickly. Whilst there were no instructions, looking at the pictures on meant it was still easy enough to fit.

This seems sturdy in construction - no wobbling bits or coming loose on challenging rides. and its fine fore a bag on top.

However, the crux of the two stars.... this is NO good for saddle bags!
The "reccommended/frequentl brought togetger" bag (70L bag and 2 saddle bags) drag on the wheel spokes because the wheel guards on this item are very short and this let's the bags angle in to the wheel.
Major design flaw!
This weekend I will have to look at a way to modify this item or the bags, and if this turns out to be something I use regularly then I'll buy a better quality one.

Don't buy this one if you're planning a cycling holiday ... the noise of the saddle bags rubbing on the spokes and damage to your bags will disappoint.
By OtterBlue 12 July 2018